3rd September 1918

Dearest Emmie

Yours to hand of the 30th ult received yesterday. I am now in a D.D.O. if you know what that means (deep dug-out). This is a good one at that: it is fitted with about 35 beds (wire) and we have rigged up a bon table. You must be at Leighton Buzzard by now and I hope you are enjoying yourself. I hope you get my letters alright. Mind how you go at Ilfracombe you went there before didn’t you? I meant to keep you well supplied with letters but this little job has put the cap on it. I never had a letter from you saying anything about staying in a band after the war, I should think that one must have gone astray. The evenings draw in much quicker here now and of course that means more work for the boys. It is still fairly quiet here and of course I hope it remains so. Donald (you know that is my cousin) is not up this time. I suppose his turn will be next if this is to continue. How is the organ going on I suppose it is repaired by now n’est ce pas? I am glad you kept that song “King of the Sea” I remember now how you liked it, Dad can easily get another one for me. Dad is having Harold under Mr Rolfe again when he has finished his course of holidays. Leslie won’t take anything on, he will regret it one of these days. How is Bert going on, he is quite getting on in years I had no idea he was so old.

Well my dear I must now conclude with

Fondest Love

From Yours Ever

Will xx