31st July 1917

Church Lane, Thurlby
Dear Will

Thanks for letter received this morning (Tuesday) it was addressed to 16, Tiber St. so mother sent it on to me. I thought I was not going to have a letter as it did not come on Monday, however it has cheered me up wonderful. My cousin Ethel came to meet me on the station she is 21, I told you about her, she has been married 1 yr & her husband has been wounded in the foot & was in a hospital at Aldershot. I am having a very nice time, it is surprising what a lot of cousins you can find. I like them all very much indeed they are disappointed I am not staying longer. Well my dearest boy,, my cousin is waiting outside for me, we are going on a 4 mile route march to see some more relatives, so I will close

With my fondest love Emmie xx

P.s Minnie Harsent is the happy possessor of a baby. I made a privilege ticket out for Sunday week for Aldershot. I thought I would finish my holiday by visiting you.


30th July 1917

Bandsman W. Metcalfe 46534, 100 T.R.Batt, Band Hut, Albuhera Bks, Stanhope Lines, Aldershot
Dear Emmie

I have changed my mind so I am writing you a letter instead of a P.C.

It is now 11.30A.M. I am not on parade this morning. The band has gone to “Ash Ranges” with the Batt: and when they come back they will have marched nearly ten miles. Now I did not quite like the idea of this especially as we had to play most part of the way, so I suggested that some of us should go “sick” with the excuse that the meat we had for yesterday’s dinner was bad and the tinned rabbit which we had for breakfast was poisonous. Both of these excuses were true. By this, I thought the bad would not be able to go but while I was waiting to see the doctor all the others except one fell in and marched away. You needn’t think that I am poisoned because it has not had much effect on me only that I had rather a lively time in the night. I got a dose of castor oil and four pills; the latter I will not need.

Yesterday evening I went to Church with the boy who sleeps next to me. He goes every Sunday morning at 5.55 o’clock to serve. I think he is about the best chap I have come across. I hope you like your relations and that you had no difficulty in finding them. How did you spend your week-end? I wish I had been with you again. I hope you get this alright; the next I will address to No 16.

Yesterday afternoon we had a thunderstorm so I had a little practice on the piano.

I have no more to write now so will “pack up”

With Best Love Will xx


29th July 1917

Bandsman W. Metcalfe 46534, 100 T.R.Batt, Band Hut, Albuhera Bks, Stanhope Lines, Aldershot
Dear Emmie

In answers to yours of the 27th Our’s was the band which played before “Geogie”, and also the drum and fife band of the 99th T.R.Batt. I hope you have no trouble in finding your friends on Monday. I do not know whether to write you once, or twice. I think I will write a P.C. for you to get Tuesday and a letter for Wednesday. I nearly forgot x Herbert Bertie is getting a dabster; I don’t know what he suspects between you and me. Two years ago I never thought I would get the chance to want you so much as at present. I cannot settle down to anything because I cannot get you out of my mind for one minute. What did the trays have on them that fell on the Gentleman’s head. I hope you didn’t drink too much tea. (It is now dinner time. 1 ocl.) We had cold meat & salad for dinner. The salad consisted of lettuce, about 4 pieces of cucumber about 1/16 of an inch thick, and a bit of the skin of a tomato between the 6 of us. We had tabioca afterwards and I thought it was stew when I looked at it at first. I am going to church this evening and I am sure to think of you: sitting in the front row at the Mish: perhaps. Well my Dear I have no more to write now so will conclude.

With Best Love Your Ever true sweetheart Will xx


27th July 1917

16, Tiber St
Dear Will

I recd your letter this evening 8 o’clock, it was rather a surprise. Was your band the one which played before His Royal Highness? I am not looking forward with very great eagerness for Monday somehow. I shall the following week though, for Bournemouth, I shall write you a few words every day that week. I have been to tea with your ma this aft. We had it all on our own. Bert told me to tell you he has been swimming in the ponds at Hampstead this afternoon where you went one Sat. I did not think he remembered that, he is getting a dabster. This time last week I had received a post card to say you were coming home, I suppose you will not be knocking at my door early tomorrow morning by any chance, if you were Will, would not it be joyful, I never thought about 2 yrs. ago I should want you as much as I do now.

I have not stayed late any evenings yet to get a bit clear before my holiday, my tale has altered, when you were here, I felt as though I would be quite willing to work hard after, but now, I simply must leave at 5, it is too dull. I went to help Mabel 2 evenings, the first night, I let 2 trays fall off the rack on a gentleman’s head, he said he had got heart disease & wanted to know why I was laughing at what I had done, it was so funny though, Mabel said something was bound to happen when I came, however, alls well that ends well. If you write to me Sunday, I shall get the letter perhaps on Monday morning & you will address it to Tiber St, as I shall not be leaving until 11.45, then I will write you from the country. Well I have no more to say, only that I hope you are in the best of condition still as when I left you, so will close with Best Love, Emmie xxx

Glad you liked the gateau.


26th July 1917

Bandsman W. Metcalfe 46534, 100 T.R.B., Band Hut, Albuhera Bks, Stanhope Lines, Aldershot
Dear Emmie

I received your letter at 7.30 this evening: very quick work, war time; I am sorry there is not another post tonight so as you could get this in the morning. I couldn’t settle down to work yesterday and I havn’t done properly yet. I must say your cake goes down very nicely thank you. I hope you like your unseen relations and you will be certain to get a letter from me; you know I would not like to disappoint you. I understand you little bit of French and can only answer in the same words.

Dearest! had Monday been oppressive I dare say I would have made it bright for you.

Today the TRs were reviewed by the King and the band played before him.

I hope you get this early tomorrow so as I might get one Saturday.

Will now close With Best Love Will xxx


26th July 1917

16, Tiber St
Dearest Will

Thanks for P.c & letter. you did get home late, did you have a very tiring journey? I feel much happier to-day, I couldn’t put my mind on the work yesterday, my thoughts were with you the whole of the time, it is too good to be true about another leave in 6 wks. time I am afraid. Dear Will I am going to Lincolnshire on Monday, at 12, o clock, and then I shall be 150 miles away from you, I do not like to think of that. I come home on Wednesday, so I am only stopping 3 days, notice the address, when you write to me, I must hear from you, or I shall feel absolutely lost, not having met these relations for over 10 yrs, it will be, c/o Mrs Cousins, Church Lane, Thurlby, W. Bourne, Lincs. I also noticed “Desmond”s eye in my direction once or twice, I could not help looking at him though, because he is so very much like that other chap, P. Harwood, He would have to try hard as you say, to cut you out, mon amour est toujours pour vous, you know that well enough don’t you Will. I suppose you have settled down again to the general routine, I hope you will never “forget” Will – I shall always look for the cross so “Dinna forget.” You were lucky as regards the weather, for to-day it is very dull & so oppressive. Well I have no more this time, I expect I shall hear from you Saturday, so I will close with best & truest love from your sweetheart Emmie xx


25th July 1917

Bandsman W. Metcalfe 46534, 100 T.R.B., Band Hut, Albuhera Bks, Stanhope Lines, Aldershot
Dear Emmie

I dare say you have received my card which I wrote this morning and it is now 4.30.pm. We did no work this morning but did a little this afternoon for about two hours. By the way; That boy “Desmond” had his eye on you and I didn’t notice him. He said he is going to cut me out: he will have to try hard, won’t he? I have some good news again. I hope it is not all bluff. The boys say that this leave what we have just had is “special leave” and that we get our “recruits leave” in about 6 weeks time. I will not write any more of this in case I hear no more about it. I did not “forget” last night and if I do I will not put “x” up in the left hand corner. I think I could have done with two more days just to get over the other four. Well, Dearest I have no more to write now but hope to have next time. How I wish I was with you now. What were we doing at 4.30pm yesterday.

I conclude With all my Love Will xxx

P.S. Please let my mother know you have heard from me. We have practice tonight so I don’t suppose I shall get another chance to write tonight.


20th July 1917

Bandsman W. Metcalfe 46534, 100 T.R.Batt, Band Hut Coy, Albuhera Bks, Stanhope Lines, Aldershot
Dear Emmie

I received your letter this morning but have not had time today to answer it. Although this is only a P.C. and you may get it rather late, it brings good news. I am coming home Saturday. Perhaps about 12.30. Please let my Mother know. 

Till we meet again 

Love Will.


17th July 1917

Bandsman W. Metcalfe 46534, 19 Platoon, E Coy 100 T.R.B., Talavera Bks, Wellington Lines, Aldershot
Dear Emmie

I received your letter this evening about 6 o’clock; it was the first distribution today so I do not know what time it got down here. Directly I opened your letter I said “Hello! I’ve got a new name” aloud. Sorry I did not read the next two words “No remarks”, first. Glad to hear that you enjoyed yourself at Caterham; am very surprised at Eva. Am glad to hear that Maud is so much better but she cannot be cured. I expect my leave this week. The Adjutant was going to speak to the Colonel this afternoon about it and I hope I am not disappointed. I am sorry I can’t write more as I want to catch the 7.30. post. This is the last one from here tonight. The last post from the main P.O. goes about 8.45.

With Very Best Love Will xxx

P.S. I do like your “crested” notepaper. Sorry I omitted to answer this question before.

P.S.S. We are moving tomorrow but I do not know the new address. The old one will find me.