16, Tiber St
Dearest Will

Thanks for P.c & letter. you did get home late, did you have a very tiring journey? I feel much happier to-day, I couldn’t put my mind on the work yesterday, my thoughts were with you the whole of the time, it is too good to be true about another leave in 6 wks. time I am afraid. Dear Will I am going to Lincolnshire on Monday, at 12, o clock, and then I shall be 150 miles away from you, I do not like to think of that. I come home on Wednesday, so I am only stopping 3 days, notice the address, when you write to me, I must hear from you, or I shall feel absolutely lost, not having met these relations for over 10 yrs, it will be, c/o Mrs Cousins, Church Lane, Thurlby, W. Bourne, Lincs. I also noticed “Desmond”s eye in my direction once or twice, I could not help looking at him though, because he is so very much like that other chap, P. Harwood, He would have to try hard as you say, to cut you out, mon amour est toujours pour vous, you know that well enough don’t you Will. I suppose you have settled down again to the general routine, I hope you will never “forget” Will – I shall always look for the cross so “Dinna forget.” You were lucky as regards the weather, for to-day it is very dull & so oppressive. Well I have no more this time, I expect I shall hear from you Saturday, so I will close with best & truest love from your sweetheart Emmie xx


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