Bandsman W. Metcalfe 46534, 100 T.R.Batt, Band Hut, Albuhera Bks, Stanhope Lines, Aldershot
Dear Emmie

I have changed my mind so I am writing you a letter instead of a P.C.

It is now 11.30A.M. I am not on parade this morning. The band has gone to “Ash Ranges” with the Batt: and when they come back they will have marched nearly ten miles. Now I did not quite like the idea of this especially as we had to play most part of the way, so I suggested that some of us should go “sick” with the excuse that the meat we had for yesterday’s dinner was bad and the tinned rabbit which we had for breakfast was poisonous. Both of these excuses were true. By this, I thought the bad would not be able to go but while I was waiting to see the doctor all the others except one fell in and marched away. You needn’t think that I am poisoned because it has not had much effect on me only that I had rather a lively time in the night. I got a dose of castor oil and four pills; the latter I will not need.

Yesterday evening I went to Church with the boy who sleeps next to me. He goes every Sunday morning at 5.55 o’clock to serve. I think he is about the best chap I have come across. I hope you like your relations and that you had no difficulty in finding them. How did you spend your week-end? I wish I had been with you again. I hope you get this alright; the next I will address to No 16.

Yesterday afternoon we had a thunderstorm so I had a little practice on the piano.

I have no more to write now so will “pack up”

With Best Love Will xx


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