Church Lane, Thurlby
Dear Will

Thanks for letter received this morning (Tuesday) it was addressed to 16, Tiber St. so mother sent it on to me. I thought I was not going to have a letter as it did not come on Monday, however it has cheered me up wonderful. My cousin Ethel came to meet me on the station she is 21, I told you about her, she has been married 1 yr & her husband has been wounded in the foot & was in a hospital at Aldershot. I am having a very nice time, it is surprising what a lot of cousins you can find. I like them all very much indeed they are disappointed I am not staying longer. Well my dearest boy,, my cousin is waiting outside for me, we are going on a 4 mile route march to see some more relatives, so I will close

With my fondest love Emmie xx

P.s Minnie Harsent is the happy possessor of a baby. I made a privilege ticket out for Sunday week for Aldershot. I thought I would finish my holiday by visiting you.


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