Church Lane, Thurlby
Dear Will

I am just writing to you as I have not gone home, I have just wired to Mother to tell her I was going home tomorrow at 12.15, (Thursday) it happened like this, my cousin & I walked to a place called Bourne about 2 1/2 miles away & coming home we got caught in a heavy shower, it lasted about 5 hours & we got drenched my skirt & coat were so wet, I could not possibly get them dry in time to go home. I have enjoyed myself otherwise very much indeed, yesterday (Tuesday) I walked 12 miles in all, it was lovely by the country, I should live here during the summer if it was not for being so far from you, my aunt said I could, & work on the land with another cousin of mine. You asked me how I spent my week end. Well Saturday afternoon I went on regents Park Lake with Maude & we had rather a singular adventure with two of the opposite sex, you will laugh when I tell you. Sunday, I went to Church & in the evening to church and for a walk afterwards. Dear, I shall have quite a lot to tell you, when I see you, I hope you will let me come Sunday week, I thought it would be nice to end my holiday by coming to see you, would you really like me to come?, do not say yes if you would rather you didn’t. My auntie here, is very saucy, she teases me about you, this morning when your letter came I was in bed, she went out in the field at the back & called up to my window “Here is another letter from your boy” and she let go at me when I came down about how many times you had kissed me, I told her you never kissed me, we always behaved ourselves, then she laughed. I have a little bit of sad news to tell you. You knew May Fowler, one of the twins, I do not know if you ever met her husband, well, he has been killed in action, it is a very sad thing, as at the present time she must need him more than ever, they have been very unfortunate, [Louie] Fowler lost her boy not long ago you remember, it fairly made me miserable on Sunday when I heard about May Fowler. Well I have no more this time, we only have one collection here, that is 6.15, so I am afraid you do not get the letters very quickly. I will now close with Love of the best from your sweetheart Emmie xx


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