16, Tiber St
Dear Will

I recd your letter this evening 8 o’clock, it was rather a surprise. Was your band the one which played before His Royal Highness? I am not looking forward with very great eagerness for Monday somehow. I shall the following week though, for Bournemouth, I shall write you a few words every day that week. I have been to tea with your ma this aft. We had it all on our own. Bert told me to tell you he has been swimming in the ponds at Hampstead this afternoon where you went one Sat. I did not think he remembered that, he is getting a dabster. This time last week I had received a post card to say you were coming home, I suppose you will not be knocking at my door early tomorrow morning by any chance, if you were Will, would not it be joyful, I never thought about 2 yrs. ago I should want you as much as I do now.

I have not stayed late any evenings yet to get a bit clear before my holiday, my tale has altered, when you were here, I felt as though I would be quite willing to work hard after, but now, I simply must leave at 5, it is too dull. I went to help Mabel 2 evenings, the first night, I let 2 trays fall off the rack on a gentleman’s head, he said he had got heart disease & wanted to know why I was laughing at what I had done, it was so funny though, Mabel said something was bound to happen when I came, however, alls well that ends well. If you write to me Sunday, I shall get the letter perhaps on Monday morning & you will address it to Tiber St, as I shall not be leaving until 11.45, then I will write you from the country. Well I have no more to say, only that I hope you are in the best of condition still as when I left you, so will close with Best Love, Emmie xxx

Glad you liked the gateau.


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