Pte W. Metcalfe 46534, E. Coy 100 T.R.B., 35 Camp, * 19th Platoon, Rushmoor, Aldershot
Dear Emmie

It is Sunday today and I still have nothing to do, but I will write you as frequently as possible as it is so monotonous down here.  I have not yet received a letter from you (Sunday evening) but I suppose it is because this being a new camp the postal system is not yet perfect.  We have just got a proper letter box; before, we had a wooden box, not a foot square.  Letters will be delivered to me more quickly if you add to the address * 19 Platoon.  This morning 11 of us went to Farnham, about 2 miles out of bounds.  This evening we went to Aldershot town; also out of bounds.  We have not been caught yet, but when we get our uniforms (which I hope will not be long) we may go to town, without a pass, any time from about 6 p.m. til 9. p m.  The countryside is always being set fire to; either by sparks from engines or by the friction of rubbing trees.  While we were at Aldershot one of these fires occurred and all our Company with two or three others were called out to beat out the flames which were about 15 feet high.  They had to march about four miles there and back but we got out of that.  The fire was near the magazine so was rather dangerous.  Another fire broke out near our bombing schools yesterday and we were all called out, but were dismissed again because it had been put out.  I think we will all get our uniforms tomorrow for certain and then we will be proper soldiers.  They set us out with two suites, one for working and one for best, two pairs of boots, three shirts, two pairs of pants, a tooth brush, hair brush, comb, two boot brushes, one clothes brushes, one polish brush for buttons, a rasor, and shaving brush, overcoat, cardigan, soap, two towels, basin & plate for all food, knife fork & spoon, and a pair of putties and a cap.  Our drills start tomorrow so I will be glad when I get into the band so as it will not be too stiff.  I hope they do not send me to the military barber for he nearly shaves the hair off of the mens’ heads.  The N.G.O’s and officers are very lenient here; I do not know wether they will become stricter later.

I cannot think of any more to say now, so hoping to here from you very soon

I remain Yours

With Love

 Will x

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