Pte W. Metcalfe 46534, 19th Platoon 15 Tent, E. Coy 100 T.R.B., 35 Camp, Rushmoor, Aldershot
Dear Emmie

I received your most welcome letter this morning which did not take one day coming down.  When I said I would write perhaps only one letter a week, I did not realise what it would be like, to be away from you; perhaps you will realise that by my last letter.  You may depend that I will write as often as possible.  I did not even read of the air raid last Sunday because it is hard to obtain a newspaper in camp.  Some of the fires I told you about are set alight by boys for so called “sport”.  Some are lit by the soldiers so as to guard against it lighting by combustion and causing a lot of dammage.  Do not go as a nursemaid, because you must wait until I come back for good.  I know it will be a long time and I hope it will pass quickly.  I might be able to get two days off in about a fortnight.  I am trying as hard as possible.  This afternoon I went to band practice while most of the others were drilling it was very easy: and when the Bandmaster was not there two of the boys went to sleep.  I am now in the room adjoining the canteen with two playing draughts and two more writing on the same table; so you can gess in what conditions I am.  We are going in barracks on Monday next and I think the same address will find me, till I tell you different.  I have got used to sleeping on boards by now but I think we will soon have beds.  I know how you must feel my being away but you must cheer up and I will try to keep you lively by letters if I can.  The other day we had a “hair cut parade” but they passed me by; otherwise I should have a proper crop; about ¼ of an inch all over with a little bit in front, which would not please “Hurbert Berty” very much.  How are ‘things' going on down the Church.  Dear Emmie I cannot explane my feelings as to being away from you but I think they are more than you would imagine. I do miss you very much but somehow I can’t keep saying so or else it might make you unhappy.

I will close now hoping to have news of my getting leave soon

With Much Love 

Will xx

PS Thank you very much for stamps.

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