Pte W. M. 46534
Dear Emmie

I am glad to hear you arrived home safe as I have been thinking of you all day until I received your letter at 8.15 this evening.  I am sorry I could not come on to the platform with you but you know how it is.  I am glad to hear you had good company going home last night in your carriage.  I did enjoy myself yesterday but I felt miserable after you had gone until I received your letter.  It was so sudden a parting. *From the star I have been turned out of the writing room as it is turned 9 o’clock.  That boy you spoke about; I saw him today and he told me he called in.  He ran away from barracks; made arrangements with a friend of his on a motor.  He got 3 days pay stopped and 4 days o.b.  About what he says of being half starved, I suppose it is the way he likes to express himself.  We do not get up until 6 o’clock AM now but we have to do an hours drill before breakfast.  We have tea and biscuits first thing.  I am doing a similar thing to your writing just before I get to bed.  I hope you will excuse this short letter as it was the only piece of paper I had.  We have been playing songs today, the time has flown.  I cannot think of much more to write only to thank you for the stamps and the eatables.  That little packet from W.L. was chocolate almonds; if I had known you could have had some.  I got out of debt directly I got back last night.  Thank you !

I now close

With Love of the Best 

Will xxx


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