Bandsman W. Metcalfe 46534, 19 Platoon, E Coy 100 T.R.B., Talavera Bks, Wellington Lines, Aldershot
Dear Emmie

I received your letter this evening and you know what unhappy news this conveys. I am sorry that we are moving but I suppose this all comes in my “Bit”; I do not want it to be too big. Am hoping to see you soon but I had better not state any date or I suppose it will be altered again.

I would sooner be in the “hubbub” of the shop in Dean St than in this monotonous place, I am getting the hump here and will not feel better until I have seen you. Fancy you falling in love with that “wooly heady chap” you should have asked one of the girls what he was like and you might have been surprised. Was there a hole in the roof at the shop or did only part of the ceiling fall through. I speculated in a 1/2d paper that evening to see if there had been a raid and it said that the rumour had brought certain places down to the ground but there had been no raid. I am sorry I have to dissappoint you and I do not know what to say to ease your feelings. If I cannot be with you in reality on Saturday I shall be with you in thoughts.

I did get plenty of tea that day and have had plenty since as we have twelve rations between nine the other boys are on leave. I wish I could hear the mission’s old bell now or even the old mission bell. I hope to be in the choir next Sunday week as I did, next Sunday. Literally speaking the war will end when it finishes. The boys are being drilled by officers in training every morning and it is to last for ten weeks so we will not be shifting out of Aldershot for some time yet.

I now conclude

With Best Love Will xx

(I count almost every hour)


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