16, Tiber St
Dear Will

I have just arrived home, about 12.30, I called at the office to see Mabel first, I shall only be home though one day as we go to Bournemouth on Saturday at 2 ‘ clock. I will send you a post card when I reach there so that you will have the address, you will write to me, I looked forward to hearing from you when I was at Thurlby, my uncle wanted to know all about you, he seemed very interested & said he hoped you were a steady lad. I told him you could not be better than you were, perhaps you will see him one day. I liked them all very much, I do not look as if I had been away though, people tell me I look worse than when I went, it was the drenching I had & perhaps caught a bit of a chill, however better luck next week. Your Mother says you have won 10/- from the night school you attended & you are to receive it Sept. 14th. Perhaps you will be able to come home yourself to go & receive it, that is a bit of good fortune. A cousin of mine Harry was wounded 1/8 of an inch below his heart at the battle of the Somme, that was a near shave don’t you think? I have 2 more from where I stayed, at the front now, Arthur & Ernest, my Auntie is rather worried over them as we have not heard for 3 weeks. Well, how are you getting on, & what have you been doing lately? I hope you have got me out of my mind for a few minutes during the day now, or you will be getting in a muddle, I do not think you really meant that in your other letter did you? It has not left off raining since Monday in London I am told. Wednesday was the first wet day we had at Thurlby so I was fairly lucky, it does seem miserable here after coming from the beautiful fresh country, I should love to go & live there and I would too, only ---- you know the rest I think. But if you ever have to go far away then I think I shall go & stay there with my auntie, I could soon find work in the town & I should be much the better after I am sure. Well darling, I have no more to write just now. I am hoping to hear from you tomorrow, so will close with fondest Love Emmie xx


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