16, Tiber St
Dear Will

I thought I would write to you before I went as perhaps I might not have time as soon as I got to Bournemouth. Did you get the second letter I wrote from Thurlby, about the 12 miles I walked & the drenching I got, only you did not say anything about my walking feat in your last. It is pouring just as hard as possible this morning, perhaps you will let me know what the weather is like about Saturday, of course I shall not come if it is raining, by the way, what made you think I might be envious. I only asked you if would like me to come & see you, I thought perhaps you might have arranged to go out with the others see, you said I seemed envious & I do not understand. I hear Mr Hickin has given in his resignation & is not coming back to the Mish: after all, the workers are very annoyed. Do you think there is any truth in the rumour about going to the East Coast? How did the theatre contract come about, you are in luck’s way sure. Did you get on alright, do not forget to tell me about it. To-day is the anniversary of the war. We are beginning the fourth year, I wonder how many more years are going to pass under the conflict.

Bertram is writing a letter to you, he does not know what to do with his time these wet holidays. Well I have no more to say just now so will close with Love from Emmie.x

Do not forget to write to me.

The other address is,

Allington House, Lansdowne (East Cliff), Bournemouth


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