Bandsman W. Metcalfe 46534, (Band Hut) 100 T.R.B., Albuhera Barracks, Stanhope Lines, Aldershot
Dear Emmie

Thanks for P.C. and letter; you do not know how thankful I am for all you write to me. I am not sorry I did not join in that game while I know that you are true to me. I am not afraid of that chap cutting me out, but you must not let him “come it” too much. Does Mabel try to flirt much. How is it that this chap is not in the Army? does he say why. I am glad to hear that you went rowing but you must be careful in the sea; can’t you remember when you was half afraid to go on the Thames. I hope you don’t get your feet wet when you go bathing; I havn’t “dreamt” of your costumes yet. In the middle of writing this I have had tea and a game of billiards and beat the other chap by 104-79.Have you had any lively nights at all? Has Harry Heap joined up yet? We are playing at Officer’s Mess tonight so I will have to make haste and get ready. I also hope the weather is fine Sunday; of course this will be the last letter to Bournemouth, so I can only say that I hope you have enjoyed yourself. The other morning when we we were out we saw some bombing and smoke attacks; I suppose it will be on the pictures as “action in France”. Our boys were out practising bombing yesterday and eight got wounded and four are now in hospital.

Please excuse writing Yours for Ever With Love Will xx One for Mabel x


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