16, Tiber St
Dear Will

In answer to yours. Work went down very funny yesterday, it seemed as though work & I had quarrelled, but of course we have got to be friends again or I shall starve. On Sunday I may be at Brighton I thought about going Sat. aft. And coming home Sund night, as Mother is going for the week. I have not lost all my brown yet, it seems to be more of a red hue though now, Gipsy tint, it is described. But this is all about “I” so will change le sujet. I was imagining you feeling not up to much after having your tooth out, but I hear you have not been, however I hope you will feel better than I did. How do you like the cake Will, have you had your teeth in that yet, you had better try it before going to the dentist in case, (enough said.) Are you at the theatre again playing then, if so, mind how you go on. I did not think you ‘felt less’ because you told me Sunday when I asked what you thought of me, “oh much about the same I suppose” it did not sound altogether tender, but I am satisfied if you did think the same, I know I expect a lot as you said before, but still, that is my, or one of my, many faults. Well I have no more to write this time, (Charles Hill is on leave I hear, looking quite fat & well). I will now conclude

With best Love, Emmie xx


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