Bandsman W. Metcalfe 46534, Aldershot
Dear Emmie

I wish my letters reached you as quickly as yours do me; because if I do not catch the 8.45. AM post you do not get it the same day. If you have not already suggested to Mabel or Will anything about coming down I might say that I would sooner have you all to myself. I will see them both when I get my 6 days leave, which I hope will not be long. I have not been to have my tooth out yet as I have really had no time. (The corporal is now having a very heated row with his best friend; it was my turn this morning and I only laughed and said “It will be somebody elses turn this afternoon” and it has come true.) I will not trouble you with our petty differences so I will go back to what I was saying. Last night there was a grand concert given, at which the General and the Brigade Major were present and also a lot of the officers’ wives. By the way I do not feel out of sorts in fact I am really a little better than I was a few weeks ago. I will try to catch the sun for once just to see what I look like. I do not want you to be disappointed in me so I will try to counteract your illusions. Hm? I am glad it was not a real said as I thought it was before I read the sentence. I do not remember a letter from Mabel; only a card but tell her I will answer it when I find it. About dealing with those claims.* (I have been to Officer’s Mess since * and now it is 9.20pm.) I have not time to say much but I would certainly take it on if I were you. I do not see why you should worry; even if you got the sack (I know you wouldn’t) you could easily get another job. Of course you will only take this on if the wages are above the average. Should you refuse I do not see what could happen, only things would go on the same. First of all I would refuse and then only with a little pressure from Mr Painter I would take a week to consider it. It is best to be diplomatic I have no more time now as “lights out” will be going so I will conclude

With Very Best Love Will xx


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