E. Ash, 16, Tiber Street, York Road, Kings’ Cross, London, N1
Dear Will

In answer to yours received this morning, I do not think I could have looked at the wrong window, in fact I looked at them all but some were so dirty, perhaps that was the reason. It is terrible weather here, raining all day & so cold, it is reminding me of the winter & I am picturing to myself what the long winter evening will be like this year, especially Sats. When I have no one to take me out. I shall have to have someone on hire for the winter I’m afraid. It is very good of you to trouble about the Goss, I am sorry you have had to make two journeys though, however do not bother further if you fail the second time. I feel rather sorry for the boy who had a dipping, but still if he considered it “some sport” as you did, it was alright. I only hope the weather clears up before next Sunday so that you can have a little better time than last Sunday. I worked until 7’oclock last night as Mr C. goes away for a fortnight next week so there has got to be a big push somewhere in the work. Well I will conclude now.

With Best Love Emmie x
PS I gave the photo to your Pa, as instructed, & he guessed right first time, Morris.


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