16, Tiber Street, Kings Cross
Dear Will

Am pleased you received the watch safely. I thought the promptness would surprise you. Now I have got something on my mind. When I told Mabel Will L. had sent you a pipe, she thought it funny he did not say anything to her about it, so when she mentioned to him, this is what he says: “Oh, I did not say anything to you, as Son did not want Emmie to know” It hurts me very much when I think of this, & I ask you, “is it true?”. I cannot say any more on the subject now, as I want to hear from you first, but it keeps coming into my thoughts, well, & I cannot tell you the rest. Do you remember what W.L. said to you before you joined up?

You seem to be having a very lively time, & that Mr Gibbs rises rather early to perform his jokes, but as long as you enjoy yourselves & forget the bitter side, that is all that matters at present. I am thankful you are able to have a good time. I shall appreciate the china very much if you manage to get it, sorry you did not like the expression but I did not want you to run about too much after it, especially as you say the least bit of exertion now overcomes you, do not grow lazy though. Mr Warder’s address once again, 9, Lysander Grove, Highgate, N. 

Well dear Will I do not feel I can write any more somehow my thoughts keep wandering to what I mentioned before, I feel surprised & yet – well I will not say any more, but will close with love from

Emmie x

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