16 Tiber St
Dear Will

In answer to yours. In the first place I expect you have heard of the Air Raid last night. We were all asleep and had to get up, the bombs did sound horrible, your people went to the tube but as usual we did not know what to do, and as Mrs Chard and Claude were not prepared we all stayed indoors until it passed over. The all clear signal was not given until about 2 o’clock this morning. Now I suppose this means we shall be sitting up until the early hours of the morning. The damage is very bad in Edgware Rd I hear, Bourne & Hollingsworth’s shop in Oxford St has caught it, and Charing Cross Rd is in a very bad condition. As usual not one air raider was brought down. I shall be pleased to come to Aldershot next Sunday, Sept 9th. I suppose that will be the last time too. Have all the band been removed to another Company and will it make any difference? Mr Clarke is on his holidays I do not think he will have another honeymoon myself. I expect you felt rather hungry by the time you got back that day, with only 6 biscuits. I think I should have contrived somehow to take something else with me.

I think I write much more in one line Will than you, perhaps that is why I have left so much paper clear lately as you say, but otherwise I cannot account for it. Bertie Cranmer is home on leave and is looking trés fit, he has plenty to say to all the neighbours as you may guess. I sent you the magazine so that you could read Mr Newman’s letter about Mr Hickin. George Ray was at church in khaki on Sunday, he looked very smart too especially with his hair cropped short. I am going swimming again on Friday and am looking forward to it ever so much. Mabel is coming too I think. Well I have no more to tell you this time Will, only you know I am always thinking of you and of course I want you more especially as I know I cannot have you near me. Well I will close now, with

Best love from




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