16 Tiber St
Dear Will

Thanks very much for the photo, it is very nice of you but would have been better had your chapeau not been so much over your face. I noticed Desmond and he looks a bit vicious. Is that Charlie Gibbs, two away from you? I also recognise the drummer. Johnnie Hilling was home on Sunday. I met Will Sharpe Sunday morning and he said you should not have gone back Sat. The Harvest Festival is to be held the last Sunday of this month. Sept 30th do try and get leave, for the Monday too, then you will be able to come to the Festival social also. You said you were going to fresh barracks is the address to be altered then? I am going to see Mr Rolfe this evening. Well there is no more this time to say, let me hear from Colchester early won’t you, hope you get along alright.

Well bye-bye Duckie

Emmie xxx


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