Bandsman W Metcalfe 46534, Colchester
Dearest Emmie

Thanks for both letters; I received one this morning and one last night. I am sorry to hear you have been unwell and I hope you get better quickly. We get an air raid alarm nearly every night here. Last night we were warned about 6.40 and then again later. They have only dropped bombs here once and although people get so many warnings they never get scared. Perhaps it would be different if they had a few more bombs.

I hear that the people are not going to be allowed to go down the tubes during air raids, is it right. You did not tell me you had started at Mt Rolfs; you only said you were going home from there. I suppose we will get some sort of a leave before we move from here and I will have to think of an idea so as to get special leave. There is no reason to argue with yourself as to whether I am interested in any minor detail which you may write. I think I will let you consider and decide that question for yourself. The Colonel only told us the meaning of a few badges and how they were won; he also impressed upon us the need of discipline when on active service. He said that the companies would go out with six weeks interval and that the first one would be in December.

I am in C Company now but the batt. is reorganising this week so I hope I get out of C company and into either D or E. I also have that “little creepy” feeling at times when I think of the evenings I have spent with you (in the old arm chair) kind o’ takes ones breath away doesn’t it. My knee is still about the same, I think I will go sick with it tomorrow and get an easy days work. I did not know Ralfe Verlinden much; is that the one who joined up under an assumed name. I wish I was able to take you to Southend for a week end: never mind perhaps I will “apres la gare”. The band is not done away with; we go out on route marches and other special “stunts”. You must have been in a bad way when you wrote to me yesterday: you put 27th instead of 29th. We were not disturbed in the bombing of Essex towns; some of the boys think they heard the guns going off. Where is the GNR granary. I have never heard of it before. If I was with you I would hug you and stop your heart beating so fast. I hope this being the brightest night that the raiders are foiled in their attempt to reach London. I suppose in time something will be done to cope with them as with the Zepps. In what way did G Knowlton look funny. I like to hear your woes so as I can help you to bear them; or if I cannot do that I can sympathise with you.

C Gibbs is waiting for me and we are going to a Roman Catholic Church tonight. I played at St Botolph’s Church this afternoon for Childrens’ Service and I am going to Mr Humes to tea next Sunday. Well my Love I will conclude now

With Fondest Love



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