Bandsman W Metcalfe 46534, Band Room No 5, 256 Infantry Battn., Goojerat Barracks, Colchester
Dear Emmie

Thanks very much for letter received this morning. I also had one from Mr Wander this evening but not from home. I would like you to remind them that they havn’t answered my letter of over a week ago. I am sorry to hear you were annoyed again Sunday night: last night was the first time for about ten days that we have had a light to get to bed with. I missed the route march today as I was put on fire picket. We have to stay in barracks all day in case of fire. One of the band boys and myself beat about 150 in running out of the fire hose at practice; we got the water running in 44 seconds. I do not remember if I told you but I am going to Mr Hume to tea next Sunday afternoon. I cannot carry on an argument in letters but I did not “dump” what you told me as a “minor detail” I meant to say I am interested in anything you write no matter how small. Do you mean the front wall is chipped by shrapnel (the one that very often held me up) They have rockets here for night warnings and syrens in the day. I hope that by the time I do get leave I do not get a military haircut; every body seems to be having them. I went sick yesterday with my knee; the doctor said its only growing pains and gave me M.W. Medicine and duty. The medicine I had was a dab of iodine on my knee and now I suppose I should be better. I am too fit yet even to get light duty. Today we all drew rifles; they were covered in vasaline so you guess we have had a fine time cleaning up. They are smaller and lighter than the old rifles, they are the 1917 patern made in U.S.A. Two of the band boys have broken theirs already so I don’t know how we will go on if we have to use them in any fighting. I have just been told that the fire picket have a lively time in the night being called up in case of an air raid. I think they serve us out with ten rounds of amunition each; what for I do not know. I hope you will excuse this paper as I have been unable to go out and get any this evening.

Well my dear I think I will be closing as the pen is running dry. I have that “creepy feeling” now as if I want to be with you; O! for peace time again.

Greatest Love

From Your Will



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