16 Tiber St
Dear Will

In answer to yours I hope you can get home, let me know, if you can. If you do not get home don’t forget to send Mabel a birthday card, I know she will be pleased if you do. I will tell you that dream when I see you. We had a warning last evening & after scrambling together we found it was false, 2 GNR van boys spread the warning & have now been locked up. Before going any further I must apologise for the untidy state of this letter, but it is the war time ink I am using & blots every word nearly, so please accept my humble apologies. It is raining to-night so I presume we are safe, all meetings are closed this week (including Wed evening service) so I have nothing much doing. I worked until 7 o’clock last night I think I ought to have a “halo” you know for it is real work. Thanks awfully very much for that ”duckie “little badge” you have got for me (or to be more explicit, the one you “promised” me several weeks ago) I am going to get it myself now. You wait until we meet my friend, we shall have something to talk about, that’s all I promise you. (I guess you are thinking about cancelling any probability of leave now) however a most enthusiastic lover you are to be sure. I have heard it said “sarcasm is a cheap form of wit”, so I think I will say no more in reference to above. I had an answer to my application for increase, & it was in the negative, but I shall not let the matter rest there. I am going to write another letter to the bounders & I would not mind a guarantee I have my way in the end if it is only 1/0d I get, so I shall get busy when I have closed this letter. I suppose you will disclose your little plan to me Will when I see you, I hope though it has not too many trimmings to it. Well I will close now, wishing you luck for this week end,

Best Love from Emmie xx


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