Bandsman W Metcalfe 46534, 256 Infantry Battn, Colchester
Dear Emmie

You may depend I did not feel much like drill today although my leave was short. I arrived at Colchester last night at five minutes to ten and I was in barracks by just after lights out. I fixed my equipment together before I turned in so I was all ready for parade this morning. This afternoon we played a draught away to the station who are going to Frinton on Sea. There is a row going on about somebody having somebody else’s blanket and I can’t hear to write. I am enclosing a letter from an old intimate friend of C. Gibbs’ to him and I think it sounds suggestive until it winds up. Please return it as he wishes to keep it. I don’t suppose I can express in this letter how I enjoyed myself yesterday. I would like to thank your Mother for the way she looked after me when I had no mother to go to. etc.etc. I will be writing to Dad and Mum and W.L. this evening. I cannot think what else to write this time but will have more to say next time. I will now conclude.

With Love

From Your Will xx



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