Bandsman W Metcalfe 46534, Band Room No 5, 52 Royal Sussex Regt, Googerat Barracks, Colchester
Dear Emmie

Thanks for letter received this evening. It has been very foggy here today; we went out this morning to fire at four hundred yards but as we could not see fifty in front of us we went for a route march instead. I will be playing in the orchestra at Officers’ Club tomorrow afternoon so I will have to get time off. It starts about 2 o’clock and I think we have tea there and play till about six. We sing “We’’ll all have a holiday in the summer time but it won’t be beside the sea”. You guess I wouldn’t mind if you were there especially in peace time. George Todd is rather unlucky in being moved so far away, would you please get me his address, I would like to write to see what he thinks of the Army. I will enclose a discription of the stops soft and loud on the organ I do hope you get on with it. Second thoughts I don’t think I will do that You may ask Claude if you like, if it is right for me to put it that way. Lord French did inspect us but it was not much. We just marched past him in collum of route, or in fours. I did not dream of you on Sunday night I wish I had done though. We have formed a little club of some of the band boys and we meet together on Monday nights for games etc. We also wish to keep up friendship after the war if that is possible. Well my dear I will have to “pack up” now as they want me to practice.

With best Love From Will xx


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