Bandsman W Metcalfe 46534, Band Room No 5, 52 Royal Sussex Regt, Googerat Barracks, Colchester
Dearest Emmie

Yours to hand. When I opened your letter I thought it was some more “calling up” papers by the colour. You will have another partner besides Mr C at your office now, I do not think he is lucky if he has developed asthma while in the army. You know it cannot be shaken off like a cold. I am sorry to hear that your cousin’s baby has passed away it seems like unluck to counter the luck of her husband getting his ticket. I hope you get on well with the organ, is Claude helping you at all. We are having very foggy weather here and through it, we had to go firing again today. Who do you get to blow the organ for you on Saturdays. I would like to if you would have me. Directly I had stuck your letter down I remembered that I hadn’t mentioned the “captain”. I don’t think we have any like that here, they get it knocked out of them if they are foppish. I liked your letter very much but it was spoilt by the last sentence. What did you mean when you asked me if I liked you as much when I wrote the last two letters, or why did you ask it? I am going to church this evening if I feel like it. I am getting terribly lazy lately. What did you mean by sticking one stamp upsidedown does it mean anything. For further news see previous letter. Sorry I can’t think of more to write.

Best Love

Will xx


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