Bandsman W Metcalfe 46534, Colchester, Essex
Dear Emmie

Yours to hand of the 24th inst. I am glad you like the badge. I did not think you would have liked a pearly one they seem too gaudy. Vous jouaient beaucoup Francais dans votre dernier letter et je avez comprendre elle. I dare say if you can understand this enough to correct it there will be a vast difference between the two but you will understand what I mean. We are being let out of barracks for 1 ½ hours tonight. The other Batt that was on with us last week is off of it now so I hope it will be our turn soon. I heard some time ago hat the guns had been taken out of London and that if any G others pass the barrage they will be attacked by our own aeroplanes. I hope the new minister can give a good sermon and stir the people up a bit that is what they want. There was a Confirmation service held at the garrison church this afternoon and one boy out of our Batt was confirmed. I will have my photo’ taken exactly how you would like it, which side of my face do you like beat, the left side is supposed to be the hanzomest you know. I am sorry I made a mistake about you Jenny Wrenchs’. I havn’t heard any more of St Alburns bissiness so I suppose there was nothing in it. It is what we call unluck having to be rationed. I hope you get enough to eat if you get a much as we do well you won’t starve although there is always a little corner that could be filled up. Of course you won’t have any canteens to go to. How will cook shops & resteraunts get on for food. We have had some fine weather lately but there is still a lot of mud in the fields. I went down in it about two feet this morning and one fellow went down to his waste and he thought he was going right under. I think French classes are being started here and I think I will go in for it. I have no more to write now so I will conclude

With Fondest Love

From Will. xxx

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