Dear Emmie

Yours to hand of the 14th. I dare say you have received my postcard by now, pointing out that it would be impossible for me to see you were you to come down on Sunday. You often write with a dubious strain which seems to question my love for you. You must know that I would like to see you very very much and if it hadn’t have been for this moving job I would be seeing you on Sunday. I think I will turn over a new leaf when I come home but do you know that little song

“We are but little soldiers weak

our wages are seven bob a week

the more we work the more we may

it makes no difference to our pay.

We sing that on the march and of course the latter part is most important. I can’t imagine you queuing a 5 A.M. I am not getting robust “non queuing” so to speak. We have to line up in the canteen perhaps you can picture about 200 boys being served by four or five girls. I hope you are fortunate enough to get some meat especially if you get up at the time mentioned. Even I don’t rise till 6 o’cl. The other night there was a burglary in our canteen; about £50 worth of goods were stolen. That means more work for us by placing a guard there at night-time. I think the winter is coming on again: it has been very cold here today. How are you getting on with the organ now is it mended yet. I would like you to remind Mabel that I still exist because I think they have completely forgotten me again. I look forward to your letters as I do my meals for without them I would fell right “down”. Well my Dear, I will now go to bed and dream of you if possible so “au revoir”

With all my Love

From Will xxx

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