Dearest Emmie

Perhaps by now you have received my card; I would have written a letter last night only I did not feel well. I think I had a touch of influenza but now it has worked off and I am my old self again. We are going to a place called North Walsham to play in front of a Tank while the money rolls in the Bank; it is lasting till next Sunday so we will have might be called a weeks holiday. I played on that four manueled organ yesterday morning and with a little practice on it I will be alright. It has about 70-80 stops which come out by pressing respective buttons. It has a fine group of solo stops and is blown by electricity. I haven’t met the organist but will have to get an intro to her. We are going this afternoon about 3 o’cl. (15.00 as the army terms it) and it is about an hours ride. (nearly twenty mls.) I do want you so much, you don’t know how I miss you, but I hope this war would end soon and then perhaps my wishes would come true.

Well my dear I will have to conclude as cookhouse call.

Much Love

From Will. xxx

PS. Please remember me to your Ms & Pa and the little branches.

PSS. Have just received 5/- for last Sundays orchestra playing, it comes very acceptable nowadays.


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