North Walsham
Dearest Emmie

Yours to hand of the 5th inst it takes two days for a letter to reach me from you now because of the changing at Cromer. We have had one bit of hard luck here, one of the boys has been taken to hospital with stomach trouble. About six months ago he was poisoned with rabit and he has never been right since. Is the organ at the Mission playable at all because I want a tune when I come home. I would like you to take me to the pictures no doubt it is a nice place. Is W.S. quite alright now or does he still feel the effects of the gass. If I was to get measles I might get a few days leave but I have got to get ‘em first. Where do they sell it? I am sorry that you lost the brooch but these things will happen and its no use crying over “spilt milk”, as long as you don’t lose yourself I don’t mind. I have seen one or two damsels in my travels, (hm sounds good) there was one in this house when we came here but she has been found out and is in a safe place now. No wonder murders are commited. (I hope you like mysterys). I sent you the “goss” this morning let me know if it was broken won’t you. I couldn’t register it because I hadn’t any wax. I am not blowing my teeth out on the contrary, I have four more just cutting. There has been a good exhibition of flying today and of dropping bombs and also artillery action. One airman stood right out on the front of his machine and waved his hand, it is a wonder some of them did not have an accident through their great daring. The figure reached now is £17,000 and I think it is excellent for such a small place. Well my dear I will have to “pack” now as the light is fading. It is just the kind of light I like when you are with me but you like such a bright glow don’t you. I am playing the piano in the orchestra tonight at 7.ocl. so au revoir my sweet damsel.

Fondest Love

From Will .xxxxxxxxxx

PS. I feel all over alike, you know; ever been like it?


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