Dear Emmie

I am sorry to have kept you so long without a letter but I have really had no time. Last night I didn’t get off parade until 6 o’cl and then we played at a military hospital so you see I have been very busy. We have had a funny day today. Gas! Gas! Gas! We drew overseas gas respiraters yesterday and have been through both tear and poisonous gas today. We were payed this evening and the boys who are on their final leave this week have drawn £3, quite a large sum. – Tea time –

We have had macaroni-cheese and potatoes for tea, I have never had it before and I don’t think I like it as well as a good macaroni milk pudding. We had an air-raid warning the other night but nothing exciting happened although we could hear distant gunfire. Sometimes your letters take two to three days to reach me; I cannot understand it. There is only one post that goes to London from here each day.

I had my twentieth birthday last Sunday and Mum’s was on Wednesday. I am looking forward to seeing you next Friday and I am sorry my leave does not cover Easter. I am waiting for you to take me to that picture palace as I haven’t been to one for quite a long time now. I wrote home for some reading matter chiefly news and I had in return three thick books of Daily Sketches but the funny part about them is that they are three years old 1915 editions. Never mind they will do to start a fire with. I don’t want you to say anything to anybody at home about it or they will think me dissatisfied. It will be the last leave I will have before going over the “pond” so we must make the best of it, As long as I know you are alright at home I can bear anything here. It will be hard saying “au revoir” when my time is up, but we must think of all the other people who have to go through the same ordeal. Well I don’t want to make you feel miserable so I will change the subject. I am playing at Officers’ Mess tonight at which we get a drink and supper now, tomorrow evening is a dance and Sunday we are on the pier. When us C Company boys [go] it will make a great strain upon the band and I don’t think they will be able to have an orchestra.

Well I must close now

With most affect. Love

From Yours Ever



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