Dear Emmie

Although I did not write to you for two days I fully expected a nice long letter from you yesterday but perhaps you didn’t  have time to write much, as you waited until the last post for one from me. Your letter was very abrupt and didn’t please me as they usually do. Last night I dreamed all about pillar-boxes and letters that wouldn’t go in, because we were talking about a certain pillar-box where the letters get stuck at the top for someone else to pull out. (Dinner time)

I have just received your letter of yesterday so it has not been long coming. What have you been imagining? I don’t think there is much to imagine you seem to write with a suspicious air. I am certain that we are having leave 6 days starting next Friday. I would very much like you to get time off so as we can make the best of our time. I am playing on the pier this afternoon and evening so I will have pounds to draw.

One of our boys has managed to get into a band in France; that is just what your humble WM is going to have a smack at. I thank you for getting that swastika for me, I will always wear it so as to remind me of you. You would be surprised at the way I am writing this; lounging on the floor in a properly eastern fashion. I am sorry to hear that here will be more serious times with food shortage I suppose I will have to bring about a dozen food tickets with me. (I will now have to leave this again to play on the pier.)

Again I write, this time to finish this little “billit”. This afternoon the orchestra went very well but there were not so many people on the pier; three hundred less this week but that was because all our boys were on parade. It is a shame making them parade on a Sunday afternoon; they had to do some entraining drill for when we move in about a months time. I think we are going under canvas or in huts for the summer, I hope it is the latter. I went to the pictures last night; here they have two houses like a theatre and two pictures completed the programme, I hope to see some better ones when I am home. I don’t mind if Friby does make a little excitement when I am home as long as he doesn’t kill anybody. By going down tubes one loses the excitement. Yesterday C.G. and I explored a wreck which is stranded on the beach and we had a fine time climbing the rigging. We had to climb about 60’ to get onto the deck and when I got onto the bridge I imagined i was in the navy. I let C.G. down the hold by a hand crane and when he let me down he stopped me in mid air for about five minutes. You know I want you wear something pretty on this auspicious occasion it will help to make me love you all the more. Well my dear I must conclude now as it will be time for the concert soon. It seems funny concerts on Sunday but there is nothing more to do here and it is the only time Soldiers get for a little recreation.

Best Love


Your affect. boy


P.S. Please excuse mistakes and words if they are not there.


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