Dear Emmie

We are still at the same place and expect to be shifted tomorrow but I don’t know how many times this will reccur, we should have moved yesterday by the general rumour. I find the Canadians both men and officers very fine fellows; there is not that distinction in rank in their army that there is in ours and therefore I think the men work much better. There are some darkies working here and they do move, there are also some Chinese and the move also, like tortoises. We get the Daily Mail here, the continental edition one day old for 20 centimes. I think there is every reason to be optimistic over this German push there seem to be plenty of men here. I will let you know when we go up the line but you must not worry. I have a presentiment that I will be alright. I don’t really know what to write about as we are restricted so much but mainly because we haven’t been doing anything of any importance. I will fill another line by saying again that there is no address but I hope to have one tomorrow. Well my dear I will now conclude hoping that you are all keeping well and free from air raids.

With Fondest Love

From Yours

Will xx


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