Dear Emmie

I sent you my address the other day but as it was at the head of the letter perhaps it did not pass the censor. It is “Pte W Metcalfe 19013, 9th Royal Sussex Regt, “A” Coy, 3 Platoon, B.E.F. France. I did not have time to write yesterday only a P.C. We are now in a loft and have to get up and down a ladder every time we go in or out. The first night here we slept in a field and every night so far we have been in a different place.

I have had my name taken to go on a stretcher bearing course and I think it might just suit me. The little French that I know comes in very handy, and I can easily make myself understood. I thought at first that I would find the money difficult to use but it soon became easy. We had a ciggarett issue yesterday; they are unobtainable in any shops here. I hope you are quite well at home and please remember me to your Ma & Pa. Perhaps you have read of the good work that our div: has done we are now at a base and will be for some little time yet.

Well my dear I will have to conclude now

With my very best Love

From Yours Ever

Will xxx


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