Dear Emmie

Just a few lines while I have time hoping you are quite well at home and free from air raids. I am now in another barn miles away from the first one and we have taken the ground floor this time; saves climbing ladders. I do miss your letters I haven’t had one yet since I left England; I don’t dout that you have written me but your letters like everybody elses must have got delayed in the post. One man who hadn’t had a letter for a month received 23 by this evenings post. I sent you a silk card this morning I hadn’t time to write anything more as the post was just going. I wish you a happy birthday and sincerely hope that I spend the next with you. We are able to buy eggs at 3½d each here and that is all. The canteen has cigarettes only and there are no Y.M.C.As’ or any other huts here. The only consolation we have is that every day is one nearer the end of the war which eventually must come. We know no news here, only that the Germans have made a push. Please send me the Mission Mag when it comes out I would like to know something that is going on. Well my dear I will have to close now as I can hardly see

With Much Love

From Yours Ever

Will xx

[Transcriber’s note: This letter is incorrectly dated 18th May 1918]


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