Dear Emmie

I am just writing to let you know that I am alright but there is nothing at all of any importance to tell you. I hope you are getting my letters; I haven’t received one from you yet. I will let you have my address a little fuller this time: It is “Pte W.M. 19073, 3 Platoon A Coy, 9th Royal Sussex Regt, 24 Div, B.E.F. France”. Do you feel any older now? It sounds a lot doesn’t it, 20 and never been k-d. We had a bath today: No! not an annual, a monthly! It was a warm shower. 21/4/18 I went to a service in a barn this morning and H.C. at 12 o’cl: there were about 20 there very good I think. We never hardly get any field post-cards and I haven’t had a green envelopes yet or I would write oftener. Please will you send me a little paper & envelopes as this is the sample of it out here.

There is a roumer that a big mail has come in so I hope there are some letters for me. This letter will not go until tomorrow evening so I hope you get it some time next week. I have just bought a couple of eggs that is how we live out here it takes us about an hour to get a drop of water to boiling point. I must close now and will write again as soon as possible.

With Fondest Love

From Will xx

PS. Please remember me to your Ma & Pa.


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