Dear Emmie

I think today is Thursday but I do not know the date if it is; rather an awkward position what! Yours to hand of the 25th ult. I hope you are hearing from me more often now. I write as often as possible but have not much to write about. I wish I had been with you over Hampstead we might have had a good time. Do you remember that time you tore your silk stocking without knowing it over there. I hope the concert goes off well at the Mission. I don’t suppose a ticket would be of much use but I would like to see a programme. Funny think I dreamed of you last night and I wasn’t at all nice. I dreamt that food was very scarce and that bread was rationed. I hope you don’t feel the pinch too much. I am living with Plat. headquarters for a short while now and we are in a strange but comfortable little hole in the ground. We have a fire down here and when we got here we found a big pot of good dripping, a lot of biscuits, some rice and two or three other things which make this life fairly comfortable.

I am glad to say I did receive a letter by that mail I thought had come in but that was about a fortnight ago now. I don’t think it will come to conscripting girls at least if it does you keep on the G.N.R. if poss. You will either have to do that or get married. I haven’t heard anything more of Reg. I have answered yours of the 25th and 26th ult and now I am stuck and know of nothing to write about.

I hear that the Germans admit that their offensive was a failure oweing to the men they lost. We do meet with some funny characters in the army, there is a full corporal here who can neither read nor write even his name and he is about 25. I suppose the only thing he is able to send home is a field post-card and then I don’t know how he writes his address. We had to sign a paper yesterday and he asked me how to write a letter “Y”. You know a lot I write in my letters is partly for the officer to know and it does good just complaining a little. I will now conclude trusting that you are all well.

With Fondest Love

From Yours Ever

Will xx

PS. Please remember me to your Pa & Ma and also the boys.

PSS. Please find enclosed letter for Mum.


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