Dear Emmie

Yours received of 27th ult; thanks very much for cigs and ink tablets. The cigs are the ones I like best. It is now 3 o’cl Sunday afternoon and I am – well I won’t say where this time. I think I described the place before for you to draw your own conclusions. We went to the baths this morning and had a clean change; we are being looked after lately. As luck would have it I managed to get a tune on an old “Joe” (excuse my slang). I dreamt that I was playing the organ at the Mish and that I sounded much better than usual perhaps that is when it is repaired “Après la gare”. How would you like Mr W’s little boy to be named Winslow; he is a lucky man in war time too. The news seems a little better now, we get more here. I saw three newspapers yesterday (Friday’s) so I am well stocked with news. As I look round my cosy dug-out furnished with beds and a fire I often wonder how the boys in the trenches go on. Can you tell me what this represents [symbols] something reminded me of it just now. I wonder what I would be doing were I in “Rue d’tibre” now weakening that spring in the arm chain what! Next time I have leave I hope it is longer than two days and we will have a good time then. Does it seem long since I came out here or does the time go quickly to you.

Everybody out here is under the impression that the war will soon be over and I hope that they are right. You don’t say wether you have had any air raids lately have you? Well my dear I cannot think of any more to write so will conclude

With Fondest Love

From Your Ever

Will xx


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