Dear Emmie

Yours received of the 2nd inst. And also parcel of the 3rd for which I thank you very much. I think your make is “très bon” and cannot find any fault with it although made with war-time material. I will tell you something rather interesting about that parcel perhaps another time. Please thank your mother for me for the gingerbread and tell her it was just right and not too hot. I have written an answer to yours of the 2nd inst but am waiting for a green envelope to post it in; perhaps it would be too touching for the officer to read or he might even feel envious. I have just discovered that I have a relation in this Batt. I heard from Battle yesterday and they say that I have a cousin in the 9th R.SxRgt. but he is “sick” in hospital now so when he is discharged and rejoins the Batt. I will introduce myself to him. To my knowledge I have never met him but I have seen some of his people who live at Ninfield which is near Battle. I noticed that you posted that parcel on the anniversary of my joining up. I do not want too many 3rds of May to pass me in the army because I think it is an absolute waste of time. Of course wars will come but this one has stayed too long; if I remember correctly this war should only have lasted six months but one or two “heads” must have become so attached to the game that they don’t like leaving it. I have answered your little bit of French in the other letter. I think I have made a mess in the spelling but you will understand it. I also understood that other piece of writing which I have answered in a similar way. I would like to know how Will Arnold goes on. I shouldn’t think he will stick the army long for although he will get perhaps more medical advice I think it is of a rather different nature compared with the late Dr.B.

Well my dear I must be closing now to catch this post.

With Best Love

From Yours Will xx


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