Dear Emmie

A kind friend has been good enough to spare me a sheet of paper and an envelope, hence these tears [?]. Yours to hand of the 7th inst. received Sat. last. It is now Monday I am told. I cannot make out how the days go so quickly. I don’t say “peut être” about motor rides because I don’t know what it means. Sorry to hear it is so wet at home but of course that is nothing compared with (?) We have been having a lot of weather lately. I guess that clergyman is a peculiar character is it the same one that was there when the choir sang “Christ and his Soldier” there. I thank you for those ink pellets again if I did not in a previous letter, they come in very handy. I remember thanking you for the parcel but I forget posting it. I have been waiting for a green envelope for nearly a fortnight and it has messed me up not coming and I really forget what I have written. What do you mean by “We will all have a jolly good holiday when the war is over”. How many does the “all” stand for, two I presume. You want me to tell you “lots” well I would if I could but I Can’t with a capital “C”. I answered that question in French in another letter in the positive I think I read rightly. Please let me have some writing material – we are a ragtime lot here nothing is done with any method we haven’t even a canteen what we can use. Some Regts have canteens as far forward as the front line and here are we can’t even get one at the “back” line. I think I will drawn to a close because if I moan too much this letter won’t go through. You know you can’t always tell ones character by ones hand writing. Well my dear I will have to conclude now as time presses

With Fondest Love


Will xxx


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