Dear Emmie

It is now Bank Holiday Monday and the weather is glorious. We all walk about without our tunics on and then it is too hot to do much strenuous work. We are now out for a short rest and I hope that by the time we go back this heat wave has passed. We had a cold shower bath yesterday and it was grand. I haven’t received a letter from you for three whole days now I suppose they have got held up on the way. You see I have some writing paper now. Dad sent it in parcel which came just at the right moment; just as we got into our billit from the line. We had some Stew for dinner today (with a capital “S”) and plum duff with no plums in it.

Yours just received of15th and 16th inst they enable me to write a little longer letter. I havn’t met this newly discovered cousin yet. I think he is in hospital but I don’t know what ails him. Will won’t be able to carry on the F.W.D. now I see Gertie is taking it on I guess she misses him but she is only one among many. If I remember correctly you went on a ramble Whit: Monday last year. I am looking forward toward the time when I can accompany you. When accompanying the Lord’s Prayer and Creed in a monotone I always used to extemporise it is very easy and you’ll get used to it; I cannot write a piece without having the key-board in front of me but I might try one of these times. You put it very mildly about the “bounders” but you would find them ten or twenty times worse in factories. I hope I am not condemning myself.

I notice you write “huns” with a small “h” aren’t they worth a capital now. You have solved that puzzle correctly but our sleep is not often disturbed. I am sorry I cannot “Ecris vous une longue lettre” as there’s nothing to write about. Well ma Cherie I will conclude now

With Love

From Will xxx

P.S. Please excuse writing as nib is going “wonky”


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