Dear Emmie

Thanks very much for parcel received this morning at 3o’cl. I dare say you wonder at me getting it at such a time, well I had just come off a working party and you know a lot of our work is done of a night. The reason for time going so quickly is because of this night work; being asleep the greater part of the day (6AM to 6PM) we don’t notice them pass. Needless to state the contents of the parcel were very nice, thank you. You make very good cake although you say you can only get war time material which is not so good as pre-war stuff. I am now reading a story “all men are Liars” by Joseph Hocking is it true? I suppose literally speaking it is, but there, it cannot be helpful can it. I would like you to read it it is very interesting. I cannot send it to you as it is only lent but you will be able to obtain it easily in London, I dare say. Yours received of the 22nd inst. thank you very much for the tablets I might say that I am glad I have not had to use the other yet but will let you know if I have to and am running out. When your dreams do not appear very nice you know the saying “Reverse your dreams” when they are alright so well and good. The “I hope to be discharged soon” on field cards means discharged from hospital so you see why I don’t hope to be discharged because I am not in there. etc: You can guess that I “Love this life like everybody else: it would be alright if it wasn’t for the fact that there is a possibility of getting hurt. If I am not at the base it does not imply that I am in the trenches or fighting area. There are “rest camps” you know. Your letters always take about 5 or 6 days to get here. Please remember me to Mr Warder I havn’t his address or I might write him. I know it is 9 Lysinder Grove or something like that. I had not heard of a suggestion to bomb Berlin I hope it proves successful. Please remember me to Mrs Chard and thank Mrs Shovell for the choc: I received a letter from Mabel. Thanks for the writing paper. I have quite a stock now. I will now conclude.

With Best Love

From Yours Ever Will xxx


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