Dear Emmie

Yours to hand of the 7th & 11th inst; the former went up the line therefore I got it late. I saw some Ryl.W.Kents, this morning so I hope to see C.G. this afternoon. I am sorry but I havn’t a photograph of myself or I would let you have it. The only thing I could suggest is for you to get a reduction of the head and shoulders of that one of me in my sports jacket, at the “M.S.A.” they could easily do it. So sorry to hear you couldn’t be spared for a few hours on the R.B.F.D. What was it in aid of you didn’t say or I might have known why the soldiers refused to buy a flag. I hope that Mrs Todd has heard from George by now I don’t know where he was. I believe leave has started but not in our battalion yet. No doubt it will start soon if old Jerry doesn’t push too much. I did not find Mag: enclosed and I did not expect to but of course you meant that you were sending it along, yes no? I will write to Mr Warder soon perhaps tomorrow. It doesn’t seem a year ago that I was at Aldershot, can you remember the time I had to do the gallant and carry you through all that water? well I wouldn’t mind doing it again. I dare say the evenings do seem long for you, it doesn’t get dark till about 9.30p.m here I suppose it is the same at home. I hear Mabel has returned home again I suppose it meant her getting up too early or else she was too far away from Will. Has he joined up yet. I saw C Giles this afternoon and also a lot of other boys out of the 52nd Charles is a stretcher bearer but hasn’t had much of that work to do yet. I seem to be writing this letter in bits; we have just had tea, bread and marmalade. You know before I joined up I didn’t like jam or marmalade on bread but I have changed my taste now. I have just found out what has been the matter with my nib lately, it has been too far away from the ink feeder to allow what is known as “capillary attraction” to take place, which makes the ink flow; got me? I think I will pack up now as I am going to write a letter to Mr Warder so bon nuit

with Fondest Love From Will xx


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