Dearest Emmie

Just a few lines to let you know that I am still going along fairly well. I havn’t heard from you for four days but I suppose I will get two or three together perhaps this afternoon. I don’t feel like writing much as I have a touch of the “flue” but I will be alright in a few days. Perhaps you have heard about it, it only lasts about three days. It tried to rain this morning but the sun prevailed and is now shining strong. I have seen C.G. two or three times since he has been down; he is a stretcher-bearer and his chum is also who was in the 52nd band. I went to the pictures last night and they were alright.(3d) I have seen much worse in London. Well my dear I must now close to catch the post

With Best Love from Will xxx

P.S. Please remember me to your Ma & Pa and also the boys.


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