Dearest Emmie

In answer to yours of the 14th,17th & 18th inst and thank you very much for parcel received yesterday. The contents were tres bon as usual; please thank your Ma for making the cake for me. I am much better now than I felt the other day. Bert Thorne my chum has gone to hospital with same complaint but it generally only lasts about four days so I hope to see him again soon. I received the drums from Dad this afternoon. Dad told me Mr Westfold was a prisoner in Germany and I am sorry to know that he is wounded and hope it is not serious. Tell Mrs Todd to write to the “Officer Commanding” George’s company and he might be able to give her some information; I hope he is alright. I wrote Mr Warder about a week ago as I dare say you know by now. You said nothing to me of motoring in any previous letter to 17th and I would sooner that you stayed where you are but as I know that you have been wanting to get away from the office for some time for some reason or other I don’t suppose my advice would hold much sway. The weather has turned cold here last week and we could do with blankets especially with stone floors. Do you know how much the organ fund has risen to at all. Well I must now conclude

With Best Love from Will xxx


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