Dear Emmie

In answer to yours of the 10th inst. we are having fairly good weather here but for a few thunderstorms. I hear old Fritz has started his push without much success as yet and I hope he is kept back and then perhaps the tables will turn. Do you get any allowance made for your railway fares to Ilfracombe. I hope you enjoy yourselves there but you have two months to wait yet. I will answer your big “Why?” as soon as poss but not in this letter. My knees are better now thanks; does sound funny does it not? I should think Bert felt highly honoured being the only guest of Mr Ferraro’s. Which Tarrantella are you going to play, you have three; one in the ‘Star’ in G minor I think, one in another book I gave you, and one in A flat by Stephen Hellar: it is the latter one I suppose. I havn’t been able to write you for two days. Yesterday we went to Corps Headquarters to play at Officers’ Club; it was quite a days outing. We went by motor, it was about an hours ride. After playing we went to a concert named “Camouflage” it was very good the acting, the make up and the scenery especially. Of course that’s what the whole thing consisted of but female characters were men dressed up and only in one case was the male voice disernable. I managed to get a tune on the piano the other day from music and after playing only one line for some time I felt lost at first having to look at two staffs. We practise in the morning from 9 till 12 and sometimes in the afternoon. This evening we are playing out at 4.30 for about an hour and again at 7 o’cl so we are fairly full up now. Yes the time goes fairly quickly here but you speak of leave well that seems to be the general topic lately but much of it does not exist. Well I will close now hoping you are keeping fit and in the pink.

With Love from Yours Ever Will. xx

P.S. Please remember me to Ma & Pa.


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