Dearest Emmie

Just a few lines as I am malade ce matin to let you know that I am still alive and kicking. We had a job this morning of cleaning out an old barn. The mud and dirt in places was nearly a foot deep and it must have been there an age, so you can guess that we wanted gas marks on. We had a rather funny experience yesterday, on returning to our billet yesterday we found that next door had fallen down; rather funny I think, we used to practice in there so I suppose we made the foundation loose. The post has been round but there was no letter for me. What does Mabel say about Will? has he gone yet? I have never heard from him since I have been out, did you say he was going to write? Perhaps he wouldn’t condesend to write to a common soldier.

Well I won’t write any more now as I have a head-ache so au revoir.

With Best Love

From Yours Ever

Will xxx


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