Dear Emmie

In answer to yours of the 29th ult I don’t think you read that French as I meant you to. It was a joke; I should have told you! Did you see it. It is not exactly against the rules to write in French but the censor might have to find the interpreter which would cause a bit of trouble. I don’t know if I told you I was about 2.5.0 in debt a little while ago but the books have been made up and now I have an enormous credit:- 3/-. I think I’ll take a leave to Blighty to spend it. I am glad to hear George Todd is safe. I wonder how he likes his German home. I’ll write to home when I get his address. I did not see G. Watson what is he in? I can’t make out where he saw me. I think we used to play ‘Maid of the Mountains ‘ in England but I forget how it goes now. Glad to hear the concert party goes on well. I suppose Mr Cannon still sings comic. We are playing retreat soon so I will finish this later. It is now Bank Holiday Monday, I was unable to finish this yesterday. I don’t want to bother about Ch+pn-ism now as I havn’t really time to spend on it. I might speak to our Padre about it. It is only about 500 years old as far as I can make out and if you only listen to one side of the question it will have its desired effect. You say “how is the war getting on” well that’s more of a question I would ask you. We get papers especially printed for us so you see we don’t see both sides of the question. There are Blighty papers issued but I havn’t seen one for some time. The Germans were certainly retreating according to plan when you wrote last; the papers said that his retirement was being very well carried out but now I think he is beginning to run. Of course his plans now are not the original ones of taking Paris etc. but nevertheless they are plans. I do not know the places to which you refer and nobody else here seems to. We have finished our cooker job and I am glad to say they took the first prize in a show. Well I will now close.

With Fondest Love

from Will xxx

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