Dearest Emmie

I have the opportunity of writing you a few lines as I have a half hour more to spare than anticipated. I haven’t had a letter from you for three days so I don’t know what to write about.

I went to the pictures the other day and saw a picture called “Womanhood” in seven parts. It was very good have you seen it advertised in London at all. I have a ring of violets I am going to send you when I get a green envelope. It was made by a petit fille français rather neat too.

Has Mr Chapman received my letter yet? Have they started repairing the organ yet at the Mish? One of our latest pieces is La Seronata I think you know it. We are getting a good amount of French music and the French people appreciate although from the flutes. Well my dear I don’t think I have any more to write now so will conclude

With Fondest Love from

Your Will xx

PS. I might not get much chance to write next week but I will do my best.


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