Dearest Emmie

Yours to hand of the 19th inst. I received yours of the 18th with the veg. for which I thank you very much but I was disappointed at not getting even a word. I could not tell you the meaning of the name of the flower. I have only had one letter from you since last Sat. week but I dare say you have been busy on your own at home.

I haven’t seen any of the cards you mention out here but we have some at home with gilt edges.

I dare say Mr Warder will be missed at the Mission he certainly did a lot of work.

I hope you enjoy yourself on your holiday with Maude you did not mention it before where are you going? I won’t be able to write to another address so you’ll have a big mail when you get back.

I am glad the organ is being repaired. I suppose Mr Howard still plays it.

I think I told you that I have written to Will L.

I had a letter from Desmond some time last week he is in a concert party sur la piano.

We are getting very good news through I guess the war will be over by this time next year or perhaps before. I received a letter from Mr Chapman today. We had rabbit for dinner today, we must be winning.

Monday morn:- we had a thunderstorm last night and we are in our leaky billet. I disappeared underneath my overcoat and the wet did not trouble me.

One thing it has cooled the air. I think you have a song “King if the Sea” please will give it to Dad to send to me with a few others. Well my dear I must close now to get ready for practice.

With Fondest Love

From Will  xxx


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